We can protect your premises 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Having your premises continuously monitored ensures that someone will be notified in the event that your alarm system activates. Your security system will protect your premises in the event of burglary, intrusion, fire and any emergency situations. Monitoring will ensure that your alarm sirens are not ignored as they can see what type of alarm is coming through and can then take action by calling keyholders, a patrol response, police or the fire brigade. A supervised monitoring account will notify you of unauthorised entry out of scheduled open and close times. Our monitoring centre complies with the strictest of Australian standards and anticipates customer needs with innovative products, whilst continuously refining and developing our training, supervision and systems. We can monitor any alarm system whether it has been installed by us or a different company. 

Commercial and Domestic Monitoring


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We would highly recommend Smallman security. James and the team are great to deal with and very prompt. We are very happy with our cameras and the quality they provide us. We would not hesitate to recommend Smallman security to anyone as we cannot speak highly enough about this company
- Craig Abell Smash Repairs. 2016-09-12